Learn How To Earn Six Figures
As An Overseas Contractor!

Learn How To
Earn Six Figures
As An Overseas Contractor!

Whether you have experience in law enforcement, the military or civilian skilled trades/white collar professional... your experience is needed overseas.


Get the Advantages of Working Overseas

Are you aware that there are companies ready to pay you six figures to do the same job you’re doing now? The difference is, you work overseas- primarily in the Middle East. Defense contractors still need hardworking men and women from all occupations to do the same jobs you find in your home town.

Here Are The Top 5 Reasons To Work Overseas

1) YOUR FIRST $107,600 is TAX-FREE!
Let me repeat that…. the maximum amount of the Foreign Earned Income Exclusion is $107,600 for the current tax year. This tax cut alone will skyrocket your savings.

You can have zero living costs for food, housing, electric, and internet. Everything that you typically pay for at home is provided free overseas, so you save at an extreme rate.

You will quickly pay off all your debts. When your debts are paid, you will have peace of mind that you haven’t felt since you were a kid. You will never worry about credit card debt, school loans, or car payments again.

Your overseas work experience makes your resume stand out from the crowd when you can add your international work history.

Here is an opportunity to start over and get away from whatever is bothering you in your life right now like a crazy ex, an evil boss, bill collectors, whoever or whatever. You can pull the eject lever and get paid well for doing it.

Who Can Become an Overseas Contractor?

There are three main categories of workers that companies hire:

  1. Military – Force Protection, IT, Aircraft Mechanic, Military Training.
  2. Security – Security for the people and property in various locations. Also, police and correctional training for newly formed law enforcement agencies.
  3. Civilian – From accounting to welding and everything in between, there are thousands of jobs and occupations that need to be filled every month.

The problem is that it is not easy to land one of these jobs without learning how to apply, where to apply, and what to say during the interview. It's a complicated process. It's very difficult to successfully land an overseas job without knowing the right moves to make.

Most Overseas contractors only work for a few years because it only takes that long to save up enough money to be set up for the rest of their lives, so there’s a high turnover rate. There are constantly new openings available.


Civilian Occupations

Use your current work experience to obtain much higher pay.

Overseas opportunities will enhance your resume, improve your current skills, and widen your life experience.


Military Veterans

Transition into a successful military contractor career.

Get paid big money for your military experience.

Transfer your skills and leverage them into a great career.


Police, Corrections, and Law Enforcement Professionals

Apply your law enforcement expertise and experience for a better financial future.

Your knowledge is valuable to a wide range of overseas employers.

Isn’t it Time to Start Earning the Money you Need to Live Well and Retire Comfortably?

Why Searching for Overseas Contractor Jobs Online Does Not Work

Most searches for overseas jobs on sites like Monster or CareerBuilder show generic information and only a few companies that hire for those positions. They don’t give you the complete picture or tell you what its like over there or how much money to ask for. You will spend more time looking for answers than finding a job. I know because it took me over five months of 12-hour days to figure out what to do.

Want To Find Out What Does Work?

Select and option below that fits your skillset to learn more and change your life


Civilian Contractor Academy

All occupations from office staff to trades, medical and more.


Military Contractor Academy

Veterans from all branches of service.


Security Contractor Academy

All Law Enforcement and Corrections Officers both current and retired.